The Region


North & North West India include the states of:

Delhi, Punjab, Harayana, Uttaranchal, Himachal  and Jammu & Kashmir
Rajasthan,Uttar Pradesh, and Gujrat
The birding areas visited by our tours in this region cover an amazing diversity of habitat extending from wet land at near sea level through scrub & grass land, semi desert, mixed deciduous forests to coniferous forests up to an altitude of 4600 m. For an idea of birds spotted on our tours go to bird list.

The following Birding sites are included:-


Delhi & Surroundings



Himachal Pradesh


We are exploring  areas, and looking for associates to operate tours to:-

  • Harike in Punjab
  • Ladakh Region

Keen birders who are interested in joining hands as associates; contact us at:

Planning your birding trip

Your Birding itinerary depends upon your interests, the duration of the planned trip, and other matters such as your budget.

We feel the best way to finalize your itinerary is to first check out the Hot Spots and our standardTours. You may also like to check out Lodges, to decide what you want. Thereafter together, via e-mail, we can formulate your trip plan.

The best time for birding in Northern and North West India is –

  • For Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujerat,  Punjab and Corbett: Oct to March
  • For Himalayan region other than Ladakh: Feb to June and Oct-Nov
  • For Ladakh: June-July- Aug.

The duration of your tour can be as long as you like. You will find our suggestions of days required for each birding hot spot. We have some itineraries, for ready reference. These can be tailored to your requirements.