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You have reached the successor site of www.allindiabirding.com. We have revamped our operations for providing you with greater birding pleasure. Come to us for a birding experience to remember. With our expertise and local knowledge, we plan to make your dream Indian birding holiday happen. We will do it at reasonable cost, and will operate your birding trips with efficiency and absolute reliability.

On offer are a variety of tours, suitable both for dedicated birding groups and family birders. Our tours reflect our intimate ground knowledge of the remotest parts of India, 15 years of experience in exploring new areas, and operating adventure and culture tours. We have revised our tours based on interaction with birders, whilst operating All India Birding Tours for the last five years.

In India it is easy to find birds. Over 1200 of the world’s 8650 species are found in our country.

The country bird check- list is twice the size of Europe and North America. This abundance is attributable to the extraordinary variety of habitat, climate, and altitude. Birders on our trip have recorded bird lists of 300 plus.

The best time to visit India are the months between October and April as, in addition to the variety of resident species, migratory waterfowl, raptors, starlings and a host of other species are also to be seen all around the Indian countryside.